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I was recently invited by CryoLiving to experience their new Cryotherapy treatments for body and face.

Cryotherapy has become popular recently for weight loss in specific areas on the body – know as “Fat Freezing”.

Cryotherapy has been around since the late 1970s and has successfully been used to treat serious inflammatory conditions, as pain relief in auto-immune disease and in rehabilitation programmes for injuries.

What I enjoyed about the 2 treatments that I received at CryoLiving – The SleekSculpt and CryoFacial, is that they were done simultaneously, so I was in and out of the treatment room in 60 minutes and benefited from an effective body and facial treatment – perfect for people with limited time.

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SleekSculpt is a treatment that uses a highly specialized body massage boot, covering the legs and waist – known as ‘the boa’ – that simulates Dr Vodder’s original manual method for lymphatic drainage.

There are 3 stages to the SleekSculpt treatment:

  1. Body Wrapping – active products are applied to the target areas which are then wrapped in cling wrap to block the access of air, which quickens the absorption.
  2. Compression Therapy – I slid into a full body “boot-like” contraption which starts with a gentle wave-like pressure massage to stimulate blood and lymph circulation, building up to a firmer pressure which aids in the elimination of waste, detoxifies and enhances the immune system.
  3. Manual Massage – the final phase of the treatment includes a short manual massage with an active firming gel cream.
  • An immediate reduction in centimetres,
  • Minimising of cellulite
  • Firming and toning
  • Detoxify
  • Lymphatic drainage strengthens the immune system.

R450 for a single session, package prices go down to R350 for 12 sessions

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The Cryofacial


Unlike any other facial treatment that I have ever had, a beam of pressurized liquid nitrogen vapours ‘freezes’ the skin of the face to stimulate the production of collagen and decrease pore size.

Applying the cold nitrogen creates an instant skin tightening effect that fills in fine lines and wrinkles and stimulates Collagen, for the skin to become more elastic and refined. It is not a comfortable treatment, however, at times I tolerate the “no pain, no gain” theory when it comes to anti-ageing treatments.

  • Flush away toxins in the skin
  • Soothe inflammation
  • Reduce pore size
  • Decrease wrinkles and lines
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Improve blood flow
  • Brighten dark spots

R550 for a single session, R395 per treatment for a package of 10.

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