Are Emoji’s the modern way to communicate?

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Emoji’s are something we’ve been using for a while, but it’s only recently that they’ve come into their own, offering us more than just a smiley face.

Mobile devices and online communication have evolved our language in the past – think ‘brb’ and ‘lol’ – and the latest trend when it comes to shortcuts, slang and a new way of speaking is the emoji. 

Here we’re going to run through different uses for the emoji, offering you a run-down of their various uses in modern day life. Take a look…

Brand Emoji’s
Brands have discovered the power of the emoji. Companies such as Coca Cola, Mentos and Comedy Central have created their own emoji’s to connect with audiences on a new, young and engaging level. Ikea has even launched 100 emoticons, including a design of their famous Swedish meatballs. Emoji’s certainly aren’t overtaking the power of the written word when it comes to advertising brands, but that’s not to say the future won’t head that way.

Emoji Puzzles
Emoji riddles can be tricky, infuriating and so much fun. Formed from a set of emoticons, they either all adhere to and hint at one subject or are a literal left-to-right puzzle, encouraging you to guess a phrase one emoji at a time. Want to exercise your mind with a few puzzles? Test your movie knowledge with the emoji quizzes on the Ladbrokes site – you’ll see for yourself just how fun they are.


Dominos Pizza Emojicons

Last summer it was announced that you could order a Domino’s pizza with the pizza emoji – once opted in for the service, customers can tweet or text the emoticon to re-order their pre-programmed ‘Easy Order’ – Domino’s not the only company to do this, and it certainly makes life that little bit simpler. It may take a little while to catch on though – for starters, people may not want to order the exact meal again.

Social Networking
Brands and businesses are using emoji’s more than ever when communicating with customers, creating a much friendlier level of contact – somehow, it makes you realise there are real people behind the Twitter handles. Further still, friends and family are chatting strictly with the use of emoticons, encouraging hysterical conversations – you’ll see some real corkers here. People are certainly seeing the funny side of the emoji.

Whether you’re a fan of communicating through emoji’s or not, you can’t deny it’s a popular, modern form of speech – the Oxford University Press declared the ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ emoji as the ‘word of the year’, so that’s saying something. On top of that, 6 billion emoji were sent every day in 2014, which is a staggering amount. Are you a fan? How often do you use emoji’s in everyday life?

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