Why It Is Important For Kids to Make Mistakes

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From the age of four your little one will face different challenges every day that teach them about problem-solving and critical thinking, which means you’ll soon start to see them becoming more independent.

We know it’s hard, but remember to take a step back once in a while and to let your child take some risks (while keeping an eye on them, of course) & make mistakes.

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Let them climb a tree on their own or run around the park without you following them.

This little bit of freedom will do wonders for your child’s confidence.

Because, if they think you believe in them, they’ll believe in themselves. This is also a great age to encourage them to think differently, without a ‘right’ or a ‘wrong’ way.

This year you can look forward to your budding little artist’s masterpieces becoming more realistic.

kids mistakes

Art and role playing are fantastic ways for your child to express themselves and what they’re dealing with emotionally.

For instance, you might find them drawing a picture of something special they did. You can really tell a lot about what your child is feeling about life at home and school by looking at their artworks and the way they play.

Talking to your child about what they’re making or doing will help them engage with their thoughts and feelings, explore different ideas and change parts of their art and how they play.

As your child nears school-going age, it’s especially important to continue giving them time and space to explore and play freely. Once they get to school they’ll possibly have extra-mural activities and homework and they may not find the time to work through and explore the ideas they have during the day.

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By 6 years of age your child will easily and confidently tackle problems and challenges.

They’ll be able to do more for themselves, like dressing themselves and finding things around the house.

Your child’s ability to independently analyse and solve bigger problems in later life depends both on their personality and whether they were brought up in an environment where they were taught to think critically and learn from their mistakes.

Article supplied by Debbie Mynhardt, Mysmartkid’s counselling psychologist.

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