Kate Moss Not Photogenic, According To Her Mother. Ouch!

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Kate Moss was never photogenic, according to her mother Linda who is also surprised the fashion icon’s career has lasted for almost three decades.

The blonde beauty told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: “My mum always said I wasn’t photogenic.

The 42-year-old supermodel – who began her modelling career in 1988 at the young age of 14 and has since fronted campaigns for luxury fashion houses Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel – has admitted her mum Linda didn’t think she was a natural in front of the camera and is surprised Kate has been at the helm of the fashion industry for 28 years and shows no sign of stopping.

“The One and Only” Kate Moss by Mario Testino for Vogue Italia, October 2006

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“It was all very unexpected for them, and now she’s like, ‘Oh you’re still working aren’t you?'”

Aside from her parent, her 13-year-old daughter Lila Grace Moss Hack – whom she had with her ex-partner Jefferson Hack – helps keep her grounded by limiting the amount of times she complements her fashion icon mother and advising her on what not to wear.

She explained: “I definitely have someone to bring me down to earth.

“[Lila said] ‘Mum, you look ridiculous take that off. It’s disgusting.’ I was going to put on this crazy green dress for the Vogue thing, but she is usually right. Then when she goes, ‘Mum you look really pretty’, I’m like, ‘Ah,’ Because she never says anything nice about me.”

And in return Kate educates her daughter on how to perfect the signature ’90s catwalk strut.

She said: “I taught her the turn from the Nineties when we actually did modelling, not like now.”

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Although Kate has collated some of her precious garments in a secret wardrobe to hand down to Lila, she has revealed her only child doesn’t like any of the pieces at the moment.

Speaking previously, she said: “I’ve got a special, secret place. I’m not telling or somebody will burgle me. I learned the Rolling Stones have an archive and nobody knows where it is, even their children!

“I’ve lost a lot of stuff over the years, but I’ve still got some. I’ll save it for my daughter. I bought her an Ossie Clark dress, you know the one that Twiggy wore in that Richard Avedon [shoot], that white chiffon with leaves on? She doesn’t like anything at the moment. Fingers crossed [she will].”

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