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Make running on and off road super comfortable with the new Hi Tec Haraka Trail S W.

I love running like other people love to watch series. It’s just my thing, so imagine my excitement when Hi-Tec sent me one of their best sellers to put to the test.

When I opened the box I literally jumped up and down, because the shoes are sexy in a super stylish way. (They sent me a pair in pink for obvious reasons!) Secondly, the shoes are light weight and just screams comfort thanks to the flexible rubber skin. #WINNING

The Haraka Trail S W was designed as part of Hi-Tec’s multi-sport series to help women-on-the-go stay fit and healthy and is available in different colours to choose from.

I first tried out my new trainers running a crucial 9km trail called The Fire Run with steep hills and slippery singletracks. It helped me to pass all the challenging obstacles including rocks, sand, hills, mud and loose gravel. Hi-Tec added a deep lug outsole on all the Haraka Trail S W’s especially for off road running and it really does makes a huge difference.I only hit the ground once, but that was due to my own stupidity for looking down at my fitness watch not noticing the slippery downhill.

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Between my big races I’ve also done my weekly Parkruns and occasional trails and every time I was 100% satisfied with the amount of comfort and zero blisters. Last weekend I took part in the Cape Town One Run and I was pleasantly surprised that I did not get a single blister during the course of the 12km race as the abrasion-resistant PU overlay adds a great amount of support.

hi tec


  • Developed with a tight weave technical mesh upper that provides breathability and comfort.
  • An abrasion-resistant PU overlay adds support and protection when out on a run.
  • A removable moulded EVA foot bed delivers underfoot cushioning and a lightweight abrasion-resistant EVA midsole provides added cushioning.
  • A deep lug outsole was added for off road traction.

Overall I am very satisfied with my new trainers. They are so comfy yet stylish, I even went shopping with them. More than once!

Prices start at R799.00.

Visit hi-tec.com for more information.

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