Bodytec studio in Sandton

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BODYTEC studio in Sandton


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Claims: BODYTEC’s training results are up to 18 times more effective than traditional fitness training, 20 minutes of training is comparable to three, 90 minute workouts in a gym.”
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For someone who has the fitness level of a sloth, what a great idea!
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Totally doable exercises aimed at toning muscles without getting completely out of breath

by Sally Johns
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The Bodytec studio in Sandton is elegant and beautifully decorated and feels more like a spa than a workout joint. 20 minutes is really all it takes and what a pleasant workout.

The training was tailored to suit me and my body and I didn’t feel like I had been hit by a bus afterwards. The system uses electro muscle stimulation while doing low impact basic exercises. The process was explained comprehensively and the knowledgeable trainer made me feel completely at ease and not silly at all for my level of fitness. This caters for men and women, from body builders to couch potatoes.

The session begins with a discussion about your level of fitness and any pre-existing medical conditions. You then go into the spotless and modern changing room to get dressed into the provided workout gear.

You are then hooked up to the electrodes through a vest and strategically placed belts in front of what looks like a treadmill. The electrodes are then tuned to your comfortable intensity and the 20 minute workout begins.

bodytech equipment

bodytech equipment

I felt like I had just attended a pilates class on steroids! I would definitely recommend this to people with limited time on their hands and a desire to feel good for a change after using their bodies.


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Sally Johns
Sally Johns

Sally is a married professional with no kids in her late twenties, living in JHB. She has an Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology. She is currently working in the HR field with a husband as a legal advisor in a Motor company. She enjoys having dinner with buddies and drinking copious amounts of white wine - just another average Sotuh African gal.


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