Top 5 Tips For Solo Female Travellers

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Travelling alone can be challenging. Here are five essential tips for single female travellers.

Being in a group on a trip allows you to share suggestions, experiences and fascinating stories, but there may come a time where you have no option but to travel alone. This can be unnerving for anyone, especially as a woman travelling alone.

Charlotte Quenet-Meintjes, head of Workaway International South Africa, has encountered many solo female travellers throughout her 15 years of placing South African recruits in five star country clubs in the US. She says, “As women, we are typically prone to be at the receiving end of various pressures and wrongful acts, and we should always keep our wits about us to ensure our experience abroad is a safe and successful one.” This is what she suggests:

1. Always carry emergency contact details with you

“You never know what may happen, especially when you are headed out somewhere on your own, so the most important thing is to be prepared,” advises Quenet-Meintjes.  Always have reliable emergency contact numbers of friends, family or trustworthy people in the area available so that you can get in touch with them if need be.  You should also ensure your local police station and a close-by medical practitioner’s contact details are saved and easily accessible.

2. Don’t go anywhere with strangers

One of the greatest parts of travelling is meeting new people.  There is, however, a very fine line between meeting trustworthy new friends and those who want to take advantage of you.  “Always trust your gut instinct and rather practice caution when it comes to new acquaintances.  Do not go anywhere with someone you do not know, but rather meet in a public place to ensure your safety in this type of situation,” says Quenet-Meintjes.

3. Look purposeful and confident

When you’re in an unfamiliar location and not in your usual comfort zone, try your best not to stand out from the rest of the crowd and draw too much attention to yourself.  “This way you look like you fit in and are less vulnerable,” she explains.

4. Be cautious

“It is better to be cautious rather than being naïve to what is going on around you,” comments Quenet-Meintjes.  A few cautionary measures to take in to account include being street smart, not keeping large amounts of cash or valuable items on your person, avoiding dangerous or high-risk areas, and implementing general safety practices at all times.

5. Let someone know where you are at all times

“Never go anywhere by yourself if you haven’t let at least one person know where you are going and what time you’re expected back,” stresses Quenet-Meintjes. Send an SMS, make a quick phone call, or even leave a note for your boss, neighbour or friend, so that they know where to start looking for you should something go wrong.

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