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Woman Online interviewed Fair Divorce owner Sinta Ebersohn

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us about the path that led you to where you are today.

To my mind, the beauty of life-long learning, is having the courage to trust our instinct and knowledge when we take a stand, while being brave enough to realise we might always discover later that we had it all wrong.

When that happens, true insight allows us to live wiser without reproach for our short-comings.

As the single mother of two beautiful boys, I started creating educational projects that support this philosophy through motherhood and co-parenting, after my divorce.

It is a blessing which fills me with immense gratitude, to be in business with one of my greatest passions – education.

2. Tell us about Fair Divorce.

Fair Divorce is an educational platform for people going through divorce.

The initiative was born from my vast experiences as a child of divorced parents, a member of several blended families and ultimately my own divorce, which lead to intensive research on the devastating effect it has on families worldwide.

My vision is to address everything from legal, financial, physical and practical aspects, to psychological, social and spiritual perspectives.

The range of information provided is for all who are affected by divorce: parents, children, friends, extended family, colleagues and even new partners.

I endeavour to introduce civilised ways to divorce, put alternative options on the table and offer families hope for their re-structured futures.

3. What obstacles did you have to overcome to get where you are today?

What would generally be regarded as obstacles, are what I call challenges and I thrive on the learning curves they offer.

One of the biggest discoveries I recently made in my personal growth process, was determining my true values and what that meant about me and the way I was living my life.

It challenged me to re-evaluate and re-purpose everything I do, which is an experience we should actually encourage on an ongoing basis.

This in turn, lead to the discovery of my own genius, which empowered me to make discerning entrepreneurial choices.

As a result, I am proud to be authentic and true to myself. I trust my journey!

4. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

At the moment I am driving two educational initiatives, which address profound problems of our modern society, namely Divorce and Bullying.

My vision is to identify at least three other social challenges which really need to be addressed effectively and launch similar educational initiatives, in the next five years.

5. Who would you say has been your greatest role model and why?

Among the many people I admire and respect, including philosophers, artists, musicians and writers, it would be impossible to single out anyone. From the Explorers, I learn about pushing boundaries and discovering new frontiers.

The Nurturers inspire me to care and love selflessly, while the Warriors challenge me to face fears and be courageous.

The Leaders show me how to serve and protect and the Children always remind me to take pleasure and indulge in joy.

Mother Nature makes me embrace all beauty while at the same time, the vast skies command my respect. The list is long…

6. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Although I spend my productive time doing many of the things I love, there are times reserved for relaxed reading (not research), walking, cycling, playing my piano, yoga and meditation.

Most important, are the precious times spent with friends, family and my beloved.

7. What advice do you have for other aspiring business people?

The best kind of business for you, is aligned to your highest values and offers you many avenues through which to serve others and add value to their lives.

As long as you focus on that, innovation and opportunity will abound.

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