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Location / Address: Techno Ave, Stellenbosch, 7613
Number of rooms: 180
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The Protea Hotel Stellenbosch is a great place to getaway from the city and still be close enough to visit the surrounding wine farms & town.

by Jamal Grootboom
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Stellenbosch is known for its beautiful wine farms and luxury select of accommodation .

I recently visited the beautiful Protea Hotel Stellenbosch in the Techo Park, located outside of the town.

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The hotel has amazing views of the winelands and it took my breath away. I was in the deluxe room which sported a king sized bedroom with an on-suite bathroom and a separate lounge area with a balcony.protea hotel stellenbosch


The suite has modern furnishings. The bed was a dream to sleep on and having a comfy king-sized bed to myself was a treat.

Overall the room was comfortably furnished and I would have stayed longer if I could’ve.



The buffet breakfast is included.

Buffet meals generally fall in to one of two categories:

  • they are either phenomenal and offer great variety while still keeping the quality intact or
  • everything tastes like oil and is basically fast food with a better view.

Luckily the breakfast buffet at the Cultivar Restaurant was the former and not the latter. Since I’m a carnivore at heart I opted for all the meat & carb-filled options . Bacon & pork sausages truly are a gift from God.

Altogether I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Protea Hotel Stellenbosch.

For booking information visit Protea Hotel Stellenbosch.

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Jamal Grootboom
Jamal Grootboom

Jamal Grootboom is an Online Media Journalist for Woman Online Magazine. He loves Cape Town, good food and good music. He is a millennial through and through, believing that digital media is the future for all media.


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