Are Emoji’s the modern way to communicate?

Emoji’s are something we've been using for a while, but it's only recently that they've come into their own, offering us more than just a smiley face.

10 Business Lessons From Guptagate

To protect a business from anything like “Guptagate”, it is vital for leaders to understand the extreme consequences of reputational damage.

How to Make a Financial U-Turn

Here are a few ways to identify and make a real change to your behaviour that will make a big difference to your financial well-being.
winter waredrobe insurance

How To Insure Your Winter Wardrobe Effectively

The winter months are here and with them come extra layers of clothing like woollen scarves and thick coats, many of which are expensive items these days.
priority management

Tips For Easy Priority Management

Are you truly doing your highest priority actions each day?

How To Cope With Rejection In Business

Entrepreneurs should create an environment which allows teams & themselves to accept rejection in order to learn, apply insights, and pursue innovative solutions.
appropriate staff amount

How To Select Appropriate Amount of Staff

Having too few, or too many, staff can have negative financial, service and productivity implications - affecting both an organisation and its employees.
buying property auction

Tips for Buying a Property on Auction

Buying a home on auction can be an alternative way of becoming a home owner.
home loans

How to Make The Most Out of Your Home Loan

In this time of rising interest rates many consumers are reaching for their calculators to work out just what the increase will affect their home loans.

Review: GPS Log Book

The compact little GPS Log Book plugs into the cigarette lighter or any other 12V socket of your vehicle, tracking the use of your vehicle.

How To Identify Bullying At Work

Bullying is a huge problem and happens anytime, anywhere and to anyone. From children at school, people using Social Media OR even adults in the workplace, bullying has become a huge problem in the society we live in. READ: Cy...
cape town property

SA Property Market Stable Amidst Economic Downturn

South Africa is going through a hard time economically, and has subsequently had a negative impact on the property market.
vision mission

Vision, Mission, Purpose And Values

Vision, mission, purpose and values statements are key tools in the marketing arsenal, but the sad truth is that most marketing peeps can’t actually explain the difference between the three.
standard bank junk status south africa

Standard Bank Fears SA Downgrade to Junk Status

Standard Bank has warned that the current slump in the country’s economic growth and looming downgrades by international rating agencies could harm its growth prospects in South Africa.

Power Hike: More Debt for Households

Middle- to low-income households, already struggling to make ends meet each month, will be pushed deeper into debt by the latest electricity hike.
bank costs business

How to Cut Your Business’ Bank Costs

Bank charges are often seen as a necessary evil. Yet, these expenses can often be negotiated.
Women Empowerment

Empowering Women Creates A Productive Nation  

Women have until recently been seen as fulfilling the roles of housewives and child-minders, but the modern world that has changed all that, as women become better educated and push the boundaries of their roles.
islamic banking

Number of SA Citizens Seeking Islamic Banking Rising

Islamic banking and its principles based approach is proving to be a viable option to both Muslim and non-Muslim alike.
reware samsung iphone

ReWare – Certified Pre-owned Devices

The team that brought Zwipit buy back to the South African mobile device market has now answered a call from consumers to buy Certified Pre-owned mobile devices at reduced prices. In partnership with Edcon, ReWare will now make...
Financial resolutions

12 Financial Resolutions For 2016

The start of a new year is a good time to focus on your finances. Here are 12 resolutions, one for each month of 2016!
Online marketing social media

Online Marketing Revolution: The Role Of Social Media

Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking are usually referred to as social media.
The Rand plummets

Alarm Bells Ring As Rand Plummets

A massive plummet in the rand/dollar exchange rate on Sunday night is a harbinger of terrible things to come, economists say.
SA 2016

What Will 2016 Bring For SA?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips at the moment: What will the year ahead bring for South Africa?

Women and Games of Chance Online

Games of chance which include all games that involve a higher level of chance than skill tend to be the most popular among the female demographic.

3 Ways Brands Can Use Snapchat

Snapchat is fast becoming one of the most important branding apps for the youth market, and some brands are already experimenting on it with great success.

Trade Surplus Good News For SA

The Reserve Bank is likely not to raise interest rates, experts predict. This off the back of the latest Sars trade statistics showing a surplus of R1.77bn.
South African Rand

Do The Math On SA’s Rand – And Cry?

Three finance ministers in five days: those two numbers just aren’t adding up for traders of South Africa’s rand.
Paris Facebook

Facebook ‘s Favourites For 2015

Facebook looks back on the moments in 2015 that moved us and inspired us to take action in our annual Year in Review.
facebook bad for students

Facebook At Bedtime ‘Damages’ Grades

Tired of battling with teenage children about putting their mobile phones away before bed?
all the buzz around Nene

All The Buzz Around Nene

Wednesday’s announcement by president Jacob Zuma that finance minister Nhlanhla Nene was to be replaced has resulted in much online conversation within South Africa.

Your LinkedIn Profile is Not A CV… So Why Does It Look Like One?

Looking at member profiles of my last 100 connection requests, every one of them without exception is an abridged version of a CV.

Own Your Office Space With Ergoform’s New Spectre Chair

Stylish and slick, the new Spectre Chair from Ergoform epitomizes a contemporary classicism that speaks of a stylish setting in which James Bond would be at home.

South Africa Avoids a Recession

South Africa has narrowly missed entering a recession in the third quarter of the year as the economy gained 0.7 percent.

Hard-wired Behaviour and Your Year-end Bonus

The new science of Evolutionary Psychology has given us fresh insights into our behavioural patterns and alludes to the fact that we react no differently to external stimuli than our stone-age, hunter-gatherer forefathers.

Google Updates Map Service

Google updated its free map service to guide users of Android-powered smartphones to destinations without relying on Internet connections.

Weak Rand Pressures Reserve Bank

South Africa’s rand plunged to a record against the dollar on Tuesday, increasing pressure on the central bank to raise borrowing costs at a policy meeting next week.

Facebook Makes us Lonely

Facebook can make users ‘lonely and angry’ as they compare themselves to the seemingly perfect lives of others.

5 Ways to Keep Your Bank Statements in Check

Most people never or rarely look at their bank statements or credit card statements. And when they do they’ll often find strange amounts deducted for things they haven’t authorised.

Everyone Should be Saying That Exposure Won’t Pay Bills

“How come you want to charge for a campaign of tweets and blog posts when will do it for free ?”

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