Are Emoji’s the modern way to communicate?

Emoji’s are something we've been using for a while, but it's only recently that they've come into their own, offering us more than just a smiley face.


10 Business Lessons From Guptagate

To protect a business from anything like “Guptagate”, it is vital for leaders to understand the extreme consequences of reputational damage.


How To Cope With Rejection In Business

Entrepreneurs should create an environment which allows teams & themselves to accept rejection in order to learn, apply insights, and pursue innovative solutions.

appropriate staff amount

How To Select Appropriate Amount of Staff

Having too few, or too many, staff can have negative financial, service and productivity implications - affecting both an organisation and its employees.

vision mission

Vision, Mission, Purpose And Values

Vision, mission, purpose and values statements are key tools in the marketing arsenal, but the sad truth is that most marketing peeps can’t actually explain the difference between the three.

bank costs business

How to Cut Your Business’ Bank Costs

Bank charges are often seen as a necessary evil. Yet, these expenses can often be negotiated.

Own Your Office Space With Ergoform’s New Spectre Chair

Stylish and slick, the new Spectre Chair from Ergoform epitomizes a contemporary classicism that speaks of a stylish setting in which James Bond would be at home.

Three Reasons Why Women Make Great Entrepreneurs

The business of business has been dominated by the male species for an age, however women entrepreneurs are on the rise...

The Viva Gym Business Model And Why It Works

Viva Gym is the new kid on the block, and they are already making their way into the cool crowd.

From Creative to Business Owner – 8 Tips on How to Get There

In this article we look at eight tips on how to convert your creative energy into sustainable and successful long-term entrepreneurship.

Why Your Marketing Strategy (Or Lack Thereof) Matters

In the constant quest to keep things running somewhat smoothly, business owners tend to neglect marketing. This is a critical mistake to make because marketing is essentially what will grow your business in the long run.


#nextbigidea – Philips Announces South African Innovation Fellows Competition

The diversified health and well-being company Philips announces South African Innovation Fellows Competition.


3 Business Ladies We Celebrate This Women’s Month

Women’s Month is a time for celebration! In keeping with this theme, we asked three female entrepreneurs to share their success stories.


Meet Business Woman Marina Nestel

Marina Nestel, is the stylish owner and director of the PR and Events company, The Little Black Book.

website traffic

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Here's how to drive traffic to your website.


Hands On Treatment Call Centre Support

Hands On Treatment has pioneered mobile corporate massages in South Africa since 2002.

business owner

7 Tips For New Business Owners

Buying a business could be the most important decision a person makes. Especially so if they are a first time buyer where the stakes are high, and if they are dipping into life savings.

business digital

4 Steps to Make Your Business Digital Friendly

It’s time to check whether your brand and business is socially fit to communicate with existing and potential customers in the digital age.


How Modern is Your Office?

We need to bear in mind that today’s office – the modern office - encompasses a lot more than an upgraded PC, generators to cope with load-shedding and cloud-based data storage.

Preparing your business for sale

Pre-preparation can raise the value of your business when looking to sell your business. Ask yourself is ‘In whose hands will this business do better than in mine & what are the reasons for selling.


7 Reasons Why Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs

Motherhood teaches skills and brings out talents that are valuable for any entrepreneur to possess.


Chris Gardner Shares Secrets to Success

Entrepreneur and investment guru, Chris Gardner shares his secrets to success.

Rock n Roll

New Ways of Boosting Profits at Your Rock n Roll Show

Here are a few money making ideas while your band becomes the next "big thing" in the Rock n Roll world.

women entrepreneurs

Better support needed for women entrepreneurs

According to a new research report released the number of women entrepreneurs is still not enough to meet the need for increased entrepreneurial activity in order to assist global economic stability.

internet & small business

The Internet allows small businesses many benefits

Bigger is not always better; working with a small business has many benefits over working with a larger company especially regarding internet usage.

raising girls

Raising girls to be future leaders

“In order for the empowerment of woman to be felt in all spheres, parents need to start raising girls to be future leaders”says Kay Vittee, CEO of Quest Staffing Solutions.

Empowering Women

Empowering women through the Internet

Women have been left behind on the technology ladder. Particularly in developing economies, they are trailing men, creating a digital gender gap. However, wired women, with access to the Internet have a powerful tool for empowe...


Self Esteem

Self Esteem , Grace Hansen once said “Don’t be afraid that your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin”.

integrity and credibility

Integrity and Credibility

It’s all about integrity and credibility. Imagine if you will, that you have been running around like a maniac trying to find someone to provide you with a service, let’s call it a handyman.

business cards

Business Cards

Business Cards. Many people take a lot of trouble with their business cards.


The importance of Branding

What is branding? I don’t believe that there is any functioning human being on the planet that does not understand what Branding is.


What great Networkers do.

I turned to Helen Nicolson’s book “Networking: The Unwritten Rule of Business you need to know” for inspiration, and discovered that it would probably be a great idea to zone into and then emulate what Great Networker’s...


The Power of Networking

I have been asked several times, over the last two years or so a question that has caused me great pain in my personal capacity, with regard to networking.


SA’s medical device makes ‘Greys Anatomy’ debut

Chief executive of the South African company that manufactures the x-ray machine featured on US television show Grey’s Anatomy is unperturbed by the attention the company has been getting.

Data Loss

Avoiding the Data loss

Data loss and technology has become an integral part of most businesses.

SA Flag

13 Year-old creates Springbok rugby selection website

When a thirteen year-old girl is absolutely mad about rugby, you could be forgiven for not taking her too seriously.

YV Africa Logo

Young entrepreneur launches Africa’s biggest youth portal.

After the success of South Africa’s Youth Portal, 25 year old social entrepreneur, Bruce Dube has officially extended his youth platform to 9 African countries.


No more tough choices: full-time mothers go online

Gone are the days when mothers had to choose between a career and their children – thanks to a growing online community working mothers can now have both.

004 Oxford freshmarket resized

The rise of the Oxford Freshmarket

This time last year the name Oxford freshmarket meant nothing to anyone. Twelve months later the large retail supermarket has turned over over R421m.

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