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Online Marketing Revolution: The Role Of Social Media

Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking are usually referred to as social media.


3 Ways Brands Can Use Snapchat

Snapchat is fast becoming one of the most important branding apps for the youth market, and some brands are already experimenting on it with great success.

Paris Facebook

Facebook ‘s Favourites For 2015

Facebook looks back on the moments in 2015 that moved us and inspired us to take action in our annual Year in Review.

facebook bad for students

Facebook At Bedtime ‘Damages’ Grades

Tired of battling with teenage children about putting their mobile phones away before bed?

Your LinkedIn Profile is Not A CV… So Why Does It Look Like One?

Looking at member profiles of my last 100 connection requests, every one of them without exception is an abridged version of a CV.

Google Updates Map Service

Google updated its free map service to guide users of Android-powered smartphones to destinations without relying on Internet connections.

Facebook Makes us Lonely

Facebook can make users ‘lonely and angry’ as they compare themselves to the seemingly perfect lives of others.

Everyone Should be Saying That Exposure Won’t Pay Bills

“How come you want to charge for a campaign of tweets and blog posts when will do it for free ?”

Facebook Shares Soar to All-Time High

Facebook posted surprisingly strong profit and revenue growth as the world's largest social network grew even larger, with a spike in mobile users and advertising that lifted its stock to an all-time high.

Twitter as the platform for content leads

'What a time to be alive' is the first line that came to mind during the #FeesMustFall content produced on trending social platform, Twitter.

Using Online Community to Improve Business

Social media is becoming more and more important to keep up with the times and use those networks to leverage businesses.

Twitter Aims to Improve Relationships

In his second public appearance since being named Twitter’s permanent chief executive earlier this month, Jack Dorsey on Wednesday apologised to the developers who work with the social media company to create apps.

Facebook Privacy Under Fire

Ireland's High Court on Tuesday ordered an investigation into Facebook's transfer of European Union users' data to the United States to make sure personal privacy was properly protected.

The Importance of a Social Media Policy in The Workforce

Social media, which can no longer be ignored, affords people the opportunity to express their different emotions about various subjects and their jobs are no exception.

Instagram Names Top Five Accounts

The ladies of US pop music and pop culture are commanding the most followers among the 400 million-plus global users of Instagram, the photo-sharing app said Tuesday as it celebrated its fifth birthday.

Which Social Media Sites Make Sense for Your Business?

To help you figure this out, let’s break down this confusing topic into its most basic components. We'll start by diving into the vehicles you’ll use to deliver your messages.

Longer Posts? Twitter Considers Big Change!

Twitter is finally waking up to the idea that some things just cannot be summed up in 140 characters.

Strategies Used By Popular Brands To Make Email More Personalised

With more and more brands ushering towards unique email marketing strategies, building a strong customer base is more important than ever before.

Instagram’s Users Numbers Rockets

Instagram has rocketed past the 400 million user mark, with more than 80 million pictures shared daily at the Facebook-owned service.


How to Reduce Data Usage on WhatsApp Calls

One of the must-have apps is a good instant messaging app and WhatsApp seems to be the one of choice for most of us.


How Women Can Utilise The Internet

The internet continues to push the boundaries of possibility to new realms as it provides the worldwide population with a wealth of options just a click of a mouse away.


Evernote Business is coming to South Africa!

We all know and love our Evernote, and now there is another reason to love it even more: Evernote Business is coming to South Africa.

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Men Look For Business & Love and Women Seek Games & Knowledge

Social media and mobile use give us a treasure hoard of insights about the general habits of men and women.

kids versus adults on social networks

Adults vs. Teens on Social Networks

Teens and Adults do things differently when it comes to their social life on social networks. Hardly “breaking news”. But how far does this generation gap extend online ?

understanding advertising

Understanding advertising

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half?" However, finally, a method has been found to measure the ‘blind side’ or other half of one’s advertising spend.

Social Media

Tips to better safeguard your identity in the Social Media world

Social media has made it easy for consumers to share exciting news or just let their social media circles of friends know where they are getting their morning coffee.


Don’t accept multiple Facebook Friend Requests from your friends

You have a new Facebook Friend request from someone that you are pretty sure you are already friends with on Facebook. Strange but you click on Accept Friend thinking perhaps its just an update.


The five must-haves of your company’s social media policy

The steady rise in social media crises reported in the news indicates that many organisations are operating without proper guidelines in place.

social media

How to use social media to recruit talent

If you’re looking for the next star to join your team, adding social networking to your recruitment tools can be hugely beneficial. Here are some tips on how to use social media to hire new talent.

death in the digital world

Death in Social Media

A sadly sobering topic this month, but one that is raising its head more often as social networks mature and many of us encounter some aspect of death in the digital world.

How to Choose an Internet Marketing Company

Choosing an Internet Marketing Company is really easy if you know what to look for. Before a business selects an Internet marketing company they may ask themselves what their general marketing needs are.

LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn Endorsements: A Pleasure Or A Pain?

In September last year, the LinkedIn 'Endorsements' feature was launched which makes it easier for users to recognise others for their skills and expertise. However, is this new feature truly welcomed?

social media what really works

Social Media – What Really Works

Just about everybody has their own opinion on what makes a successful social media campaign. Luckily, there are some basic social media marketing principles that stay the same.

social media

Use social media but don’t neglect reality

Communities the world over have become entirely dependent on technology to communicate and interact, and the result is less quality time with friends and loved ones as well as significant impact on personal wellbeing.

What is your niche online?

For many people and businesses, digital marketing is a mystery and they don’t understand all the benefits of marketing online. To the rest of us digital savvy people, success is sometimes determined by the online niche yo...

Increase your digital footprint and reputation with social media

Online reputation management (ORM) and your digital footprint is as much social media as it is about your physical reputation online.


Which Social Network?

For every social network there are several similar networks that perform the same function. Like a popular Joburg club or restaurant, it wont be popular forever.


Use Facebook for marketing because it’s taking over

Facebook, the biggest social media channel and the top site (number 1 on Alexa Top Sites) is gaining much popularity, not in terms of how big it is, but in terms of digital marketing.


Your social media profile could make or break your next job opportunity

Once a video or comment has been posted on any Social Media - YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, it is virtually impossible to withdraw it.

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