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father's day gifts

4 Gift Ideas For Your Dad on Father’s Day

Let’s take a quick look at a few gift ideas to honour the dads and dad-figures in our lives ahead of Father’s Day.

durbanville hills father's day

Celebrate Father’s Day at Durbanville Hills

Share a lunch fit for a king at Durbanville Hills Wines this Father’s Day, 19 June, with your dad.

taj father's day

Spoil Dad This Father’s Day With a Gentleman’s Tea At the Taj Cape Town

On Sunday, 19 June, the luxurious Taj Cape Town will be celebrating Father’s Day with a unique Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea.

father's day divorce

11 Father’s Day Tips for Divorced Moms

On Father’s Day, we have the opportunity for an annual show of honour and appreciation for fathers – not only your own father, but also the father of your children.

father's day

3 Ways to Spoil Dad This Father’s Day

Are still trying to figure out what to for Father's Day?

kids mistakes

Why It Is Important For Kids to Make Mistakes

Here's how to let your child take risks and deal with them making mistakes (while keeping an eye on them, of course).

blended family

11 Elements For Success In A Blended Family

Did you know that one in every three people live in a blended family world-wide?

dora the explorer

Dora The Explorer Live Comes To SA

Dora the Explorer and her friends are coming to South Africa this winter.

online safety sextortion

How To Talk to Your Kids About Online Sextortion

Sextortion is a form of cyber-crime in which the offender uses personal information to force the victim to engage in some form of sexual activity.

divorced parents

10 Tips For Divorced Parents At Special Occasions

A big part of cooperative parenting and divorce means getting along for your children's sake no matter what the occasion is.

social media

10 Easy Ways to Clean Up & Curate Your Social Media

Whether you are applying to a college, for a summer job, or even currently employed, you can bet someone who matters to your future will look at your social media posts.


How Your Family Can Avoid a Password Disaster

Here is a list of helpful password reminders to share with your family.

city sightseeing

City Sightseeing’s 3-for-1 Kids’ Special

It’s time for City Sightseeing’s annual 3-for-1 Kids’ Special again, which means you can take two kids (U-18) along for free when you buy one adult 1-day ticket.

cars mom

5 ‘Supermum’ Cars to Spoil Mom

Mothers are the unsung heroes who manage to do more in 24 hours than most people can in a week. Fr...

mothers day gift ideas

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and everyone is probably asking the same question: What do you get the most important woman in your life?


5 Signs Your Teen May Be Sexting

Here are 5 signs your teen may be sexting and what can you do about it.


What To Do When Your Child Has A Bad Drugs Trip

Whether or not you like it, your children will most likely be exposed to drugs at some point in their lives.

Is Your Family Prepared to Outsmart Holiday Hackers?

You’ve got your hot cocoa and credit card ready. Your favorite Christmas album is cued up. No long lines or parking space showdowns for you this year.

Gifts In A Glass: gift inspiration

Glass is a gift that keeps on giving and with the festive season almost upon us.

Internet advice: 7 things parents should know

You need to be open-minded and think critically when it comes to online advice for new parents, writes Alice Callahan.

6 Things That Annoy Me As A Parent Now

I think we as a parent all agree that growing up and having children seems to leave us a little short-fused than usual (but more loving than ever towards family and children!).

How to Beat The Hazards of Summer

As you bask in the warmth, bear these four facts about summer health in mind, writes Jennifer LaRue Huget.

How To Build Confidence In Your Child

Happiness, success and healthy habits are qualities we want in our children. But do you know the underlying trick to get there? Building their confidence!


Overcoming Fear of the Dentist Starts at Childhood

Parents should take children for regular dental check-ups, focus on prevention of tooth decay and instil good oral hygiene habits from an early age to avoid fear of dental visits in later life, according to a top SA dentist.

Hundreds Of Teachers Accused Of Caning

Since the beginning of 2015, 321 Western Cape teachers have been accused of meting out corporal punishment.

My Top 3 Tips For Managing Your Online Privacy

Even though we are all feeling overwhelmed and time poor, I am sure none of us would consider leaving our front door wide open or our financial records lying around on our work desk.


Active Play – Getting your kids to move again, the fun way!

To help busy families teach little ones to move like champs, Virgin Active has introduced a new fundamental movement skills programme for children.


Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog

For many families with young children, to dog or not to dog (as a pet) is the question.


Would You Share Your Breast Milk Online?

Sharing breast milk is ancient history: the Romans used wet nurses and women have long breastfed babies for friends who were unable to do so.


Cape Town Ostrich Ranch – Family Fun with Feathered Friends

See the world’s smallest ostrich, try one of the tastiest ostrich burgers you will ever eat, ride on the back of one of these large birds, stand on their eggs – which will hold your weight!

Ice Slide

CapeGate’s Winter Ice Slide Returns

This winter holiday you are invited to join in the fun at CapeGate’s Winter Ice slides. This yea...

mothers day

Spoil Your Mom On Mothers Day

Choose one of McCains recipes to cook mom a delicious meal and spoil her on Mothers Day!

How to Work with Your Spouse

A couple that works together, stays together? Some would laugh at this statement, but this certainly is the case for the pioneering power couple, Blake and Caroline Currie.

Raising a child with learning disabilities

The more parents understand their own and their children’s hierarchy of values the more they can communicate, educate and empower themselves and their children

Mothers Day at Tau Game Lodge

Mothers Day at Tau Game Lodge

Tau Game Lodge in Madikwe, have a warm Mothers getaway package, complete with invigorating Tau Spa Oasis treatments.

The Clico Boutique Hotel

Mothers Day At The Clico Boutique Hotel

Cosy Mother’s Day and Winter treats at the Clico Boutique Hotel


Top 5 Habits Working Parents Should Break

While it's not realistic to quit all these habits cold turkey, here are five to consider ditching ASAP.


How to Make a Homemade Valentine’s Card

Using a doily as a stencil for sponge paints makes a lovely Valentine's Day card.


Lego Is Greatest Toy Of All Time

The executives of Britain’s 100 biggest toy firms were asked to name the top three toys.

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