Silverguard Maternity Underwear

The makers of Silverguard created a maternity panty and belt that provide superior comfort and support for expecting mothers, while offering exceptional protection for baby.


Fried Food Linked To Diabetes In Pregnancy

Pregnant women who regularly enjoy chips, an omelette or fried chicken are at much higher risk of gestational diabetes.

Ovulation Calendar Helps Women Determine Fertility Status

South Africans struggling to conceive can now consult an online ovulation calendar and conduct a simple cervical fluid examination


Childbirth Education Makes a Difference

There are an estimated 100 million pregnant women in the world at any time and a new study* from the USA Yale School of Medicine has found that many lack key information regarding healthy pregnancy.

ss after being Pregnant

Hair Loss after being Pregnant

Pregnant? Did you know that according to an independent online study, up to 55% of new mums notice a loss of density approximately 6 weeks after giving birth, while a whopping 75% of new mothers notice more hair shedding than n...

Deryan baby chair

New air traveller baby seat

Deryan brings you the Air Traveller Baby seat/bed, which is an essential for any parent travelling with an infant.


“Teachers should be trained as midwives” says DA

Teachers should be trained to deal with schoolchildren giving birth in case of emergency, the DA says.


New Embryoscope Technology Increases Chances of Pregnancy by 20%

Renewed hope exists for couples experiencing difficulties falling pregnant thanks to the recent launch of the embryoscope.

baby sense seminar

Johnson’s Baby Sense Seminars

No one tells you even half the story when you are pregnant, what the task of being a mom involves! No one mentions what it’s like to hold an inconsolable baby - not knowing why she is crying.


Knowing DNA profile helps women ensure healthy pregnancy

By knowing their own unique DNA profile, women who are pregnant or who are planning to fall pregnant are able to find out if they need to adjust their nutrient intake.

Parenting guides

Do parenting manuals really help?

When it comes to raising children, they purport to have the answers to just about everything.But modern parenting manuals are so overbearing that they actually stunt mothers’ natural instincts.

IVF treatment

IVF Freezing your Eggs

Egg Freezing Technology offers women a chance to extend their Fertility rate which is very closely linked to age. At 40 more than half the female population will not be able to conceive without help.


Gender Prediction: Boy or Girl?

IntelliGender’s Gender Prediction Test is an affordable, simple-to-use urine test that provides immediate gender results in the privacy and comfort of the home.

Pregnacy exercise

Myths Surrounding Exercise During Pregnancy

Finally personal trainers and pregnant woman are becoming increasingly aware of the healthy benefits of prenatal exercise for both mom and baby.

emotionally infertile

Women can be ‘emotionally infertile’

Not being able to have babies because they haven’t met Mr Right is as bad as being infertile, according to a survey of British women.

IVF Baby

UK begins 3-parent IVF debate

Britain launched a public consultation on Monday to ask whether controversial “three-parent” fertility treatments should be available to families hoping to avoid passing on incurable diseases.

high blood presssure in Pregnant-women

Asprin & pre-eclampsia in Pregnancy

Low-dose aspirin is being used to prevent pre-eclampsia - high blood pressure during pregnancy. Scientists are giving the drug to around 100 women at high risk of the condition, which can cause fits if left untreated.

pregnancy and drinking alchol

Alcohol in pregnancy stunts children’s growth

Expectant mothers who drink a large glass of wine a day stunt their children’s growth up to the age of nine, research reveals.

prince harry

Harry ousts Oliver in boys names

Harry and Amelia were the most popular babies’ names in England last year. They pushed the previous year’s favourites – Oliver and Olivia – into second place.

pregnant women and fasting

Ramadaan fasting linked to smaller babies

Pregnant women who fasted during the Islamic holy month of Ramadaan give birth to smaller babies on average.

cat allergies are common

Allergies: Cat’s are most common cause

Pets, by way of their close contact with humans at home, may provoke allergies. Cat allergy is the most common pet allergy - up to 40 percent of asthma sufferers are sensitive to cats.


Stress in pregnancy harms child for years

Going through a major upheaval when pregnant dramatically raises the odds of your baby suffering ill health by the age of four.

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