social media

10 Easy Ways to Clean Up & Curate Your Social Media

Whether you are applying to a college, for a summer job, or even currently employed, you can bet someone who matters to your future will look at your social media posts.

kids money digital age

How to Teach Kids the Value of Money in the Digital Age

Kids want to purchase clothes, cell phone accessories, music, you name it. They want to shop, click, & see the item magically appear within 2 days.

teens depression

Depression in Teens: How to Spot It, What to Do Next

Social media use among young adults and depression are linked so closely that by 2030, researchers predict anxiety and depression could be the leading cause of disability in high-income countries.

Matrics: Time To Chill Out In The Mountains

By the end of the year matric students are completely worn out after putting in hours of study and writing their final exams – time out is all that’s needed.

5 Essential Exam Survival Tips

Students and their families need all the help they can get, so here are 5 essential things you would need during your exams.

Viral: Transgender Teen’s beautiful reaction

Fourteen year old Corey Maison from Detroit (USA) has known since little that he was born into the wrong body.

Teenagers wake up for midnight tweets

One in five teenagers “almost always” wakes up during the night to use Facebook or Twitter, say researchers.

How Much Snooping is Too Much Snooping Online?

Being present and engaged in your family’s online safety is a chore. Older kids need some flexibility when it comes to personal privacy online.

Extra Screen Time ‘Bad For Teen Marks’

Teens who have an extra hour a day screen time risk performing worse in exams, according to research.


Talking to Teens About Dating Apps that Degrade

Click addiction, lobbying for likes and the digital ranking system can have a negative effect on teenagers.

Social Media Guide For Parents

An official guide to help parents get to know the language used by their children on social media has been launched by the UK government.


#HDM: Decoding the Latest Wave of Teen Cyber Slang

Are you more than a little confused looking through your teen’s Instagram or Twitter feed lately at seeing a crazy amount of new code-like phrases? You aren’t alone.


Is Your Teen’s Subtweeting Harmless or Hateful?

Teens use Twitter to simply hang out—to see and be seen. They chat, joke, banter, and of course, they love subtweeting.


5 Money Tips for Parents to Teach Their Teenagers

Good financial habits aren't always taught at school, it is up to parents to make sure that their teenagers are equipped to face the world of managing their money.

teens online

Why Do Teens Create Aliases Online?

A new Intel Security study released last week reveals that teens will go to great lengths to hide what they post from parents, teachers, and even peers.

7 Things to Look for on Your Teen’s Instagram

Here’s a brief overview of what to look for on your child’s Instagram

Teen pregnancy

How The Internet Is Slowing Down Teen Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancies in the UK have dropped to their lowest level since the 1960s.


Screen Time Eats Sleep Time

The more time teenagers spend on computers or mobile phones, the less they sleep - especially if the gadget is used just before bedtime.


How To Have The Conversation About Alcohol With Teens

Here's some advice on talking to young adults about their first legal drink and alcohol consumption


Dangers of Energy Drinks for Kids

Energy drinks loaded with caffeine and sugar should be restricted because they pose a danger to the young, a study suggests.

How to Deal with Stress in Your Matric Year

Late October marked the start of the National Senior Certificate Exams. With over 500 000 matriculants writing their final school exams, the next five weeks are a stressful time for them and their families.

Want your Tweens to be Active? – Try KAOS Fitness

Being active makes you happy and the new KAOS fitness programme for tweenies, will increase their fitness levels and general ability to move.


Why Crossfit for Kids & Teens?

As a parent, it can be daunting to select the right activities for kids. A good CrossFit Kids & Teens Programme might be just the answer that parents are looking for.


Loving Touch launches a New Range of Razors and Gels

Loving Touch has designed razors and blades for girls between 12 and 17 to accommodate the physical changes a girl undergoes as a teenager.


Comfitex New Range of Panty liners for Teens now Available

Comfitex brings out panty liners specifically developed and perfectly suited for teenagers.

sex & teens

Teens commonly having risky sex

A large number of SA teenagers are having one-night stands and unprotected sex, an international survey has revealed.


Why mom & dad don’t like your boyfriend

Scientists believe they have discovered why mothers and fathers rarely think their daughter’s boyfriend is good enough for her.


I’m not lazy, I’m a teenager

It is easy to dismiss teenagers as being lazy, but their lethargy might be no fault of their own.


Teenagers need 9 hours sleep

Teenagers need nine hours sleep or more each night. Almost every parent knows the stress of having to “drag” our teenage children out of bed in the morning. Shouts and sulks are common fare.

Matric exams

Passing matric exams with flying colours

It’s make or break time for thousands of matric pupils across the country. What happens in the next weeks will have a great influence on their futures.

boys smoking

My 13-year-old son smokes

Child psychologist David Coleman gives advice on what to do when your child starts experimenting with smoking.

childhood abuse leads to depression later

Child abuse link to Depression

Children who suffer or witness physical abuse undergo changes to their brain structure, a study said recently.


‘Chad, will you be my matric dance date?’

Turn up at the airport holding a poster and begging for a date with Chad le Clois – the plan sounds ludicrous. But for Melanie Olhaus it turned out swimmingly.

homework help

Help your child with Homework

Homework is a valuable way of reinforcing the lessons your child has learnt in school. Make sure that they get the most out of the time - sit with them and make sure that if they are struggling there is help at hand.


My 14-year-old Daughter is sexting

Child psychologist David Coleman has advice for a mother who has found explicit pictures on her daughter’s phone.

teenagers are saying No to drink and drugs

Teens are saying No

Say goodbye to the drug-fuelled raver and hello to the clean-living eco-warrior. Teenagers are changing and, for perhaps the first time in history, their parents approve.

many schoolgirls hate their weight

Many Schoolgirls hate their Weight

Schoolgirls as young as 12 are unhappy with their weight and some are skipping meals in an effort to be skinnier, a study has found.

kids beauty salon

Kids Beauty Salons popular

Manicures, pedicures, pamper parties and hairstyling are no longer the exclusive domain of adults, kids beauty salons are thriving writes Esther Lewis.

Three in 10 SA pupils are bullied

A study on the bullying of young people between Grades 8 and 12 found that victims are often small in build or do well in school.

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