Calpol child

Calpol App Helps With Child Care

Raising a child can be a overwhelming experience and any form of help can take a huge load off.


Epi-max Lotion

Epi-Max Junior is a gentle all-purpose moisturiser for babies and children. It prevents the skin from becoming dry & helps to protect it from irritants. Glycerine in the formulation enhances the water retention properties leav...

Milton Mini Soother Sterilizer

Milton Mini Soother Steriliser

This small portable product is easy to use anywhere, and at just R104.95 it's a good investment instead of a luxury purchase.

Milton Sterilizing Tablets

Milton Sterilising Tablets

These sterilising tablets are convenient and easy to use as well as being kind to your hands as you need not use hot water.

Milton Sterilizing Surface Spray

Milton Sterilising Surface Spray

At only R32.99, this 500 ml multi-purpose surface sterilising spray is any bargain buyer's ideal purchase

Kids in Books Benjamin Bee

Kids in Books – Something different to get your kids to read!

All children, both tots and older children, will get excited about seeing themselves in print. Weaving your child’s name and photograph into stories bring books to life for kids and is a sure way to inspire children to read


GemGem Box

These gorgeous little boxes are personally packed specifically to your needs – either for your new born or during your pregnancy and shipped to your door for free for only R119 per month.


Should I get my child a cellphone?

We have to recognise that if you have a smartphone you have full internet capabilities. Just like a normal computer has the ability to install software to block out adult content, so does a cell phone.


Fruit Pack pouches

Fruit Pack pouches are small enough to fit inside a handbag, baby-bag, schoolbag or lunchbox.

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