tomtom speed app

TomTom Jam Ahead Warnings On Free Speed Cameras App

The TomTom Speed Camera app for Android is available as a free download on the Google Play™ store.
how to lose weight

How To Lose Weight – Don’t Eat After Eight

Regularly eating after 8pm leads us to pile on the kilos, research suggests.
shashi naidoo

Shashi Naidoo’s Top 5 Fitness Tips

Shashi Naidoo shares some serious #fitspo for keeping in shape during winter.
how to deal

How To Deal With People In Your Space

Bernadette Campbell shares 7 ways on how to deal with family, co-workers and that irritating friend who doesn't know when to leave.
busy people

Busy People Have Sharper Minds – Study

Got a hectic week ahead? That's a good thing: it's apparently going to stimulate and challenge your brain.
chrissy teigen

Chrissy Teigen: I Feel Like A Cow

Chrissy Teigen has admitted breastfeeding her newborn daughter has made her feel like a cow.

How To Get Rid Of Your Double Chin? Botox It

The next fat profit centre in the pharmaceutical industry may be the double chin.
hi tec shoe review

Hi-Tec Haraka Trail S W Trainers

Make running on and off road super comfortable with the new Hi Tec Haraka Trail S W.
winter fitness gym

How To Lose Weight This Winter

Here are 5 easy ways on how to lose weight and stay healthy this winter.

Hi-Tec Tundra Multi-Sports Trainer

When my Hi-Tec Tundra Multi-sport trainers arrived I decided that it was time to take the leap and join one of the many free Park Runs that are becoming popular throughout South Africa.

Six-hour Work Day A Recipe For Success?

A shorter work day increases productivity and makes people happier, research has found.
jessica alba

Jessica Alba Spills Health Secrets And It Involves Drinking Salt Water

Jessica Alba "needs" to drink salty water after her workout sessions.

9 Questions To Ask Before An IV Infusion

IV Infusions is fluid that is pumped directly into the blood stream - for this reason, compliance is essential to ensure the safety of patients.
tiger's milk surf muizenberg

Surf’s Up! Tiger’s Milk Winter Classic Is Back In June

Tiger’s Milk Winter Classic to bring an international flavour to Muizenberg Corner in June.
jennifer lopez workout

The Workout Jennifer Lopez Does To Look THIS Hot At 46

Jennifer Lopez "likes" high intensity workouts, according to her personal trainer David Kirsch.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Brutal Diet

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has found her new diet "brutal".
supermodel vogue williams

Supermodel Eats Two Pizzas On A Cheat Day

Vogue William's would eat two pizzas on a cheat day and believe that diets are for the birds.

Maternal Mental Illness Affects SA’s Poor Most

One in five women suffers from depression or anxiety during and after pregnancy in South Africa.
how to lose weight

How Exercise Is Good For Your Brain

Exercise emergency! Need motivation to work out?
jimmy nevis fitness

What’s In Your Local Celeb’s Gym Bag?

We asked our local celebs with fittest bodies in showbiz to give us a sneak peek inside their gym bags.
beyonce fitness ivy park

The Main Reason Beyonce Got Into Working Out

Beyoncé Knowles said motherhood encouraged her to exercise.
cape town traffic tom tom

Cape Town Revealed as Most Traffic Congested City in SA

TomTom released the results of the TomTom Traffic Index 2016. Bad news for Capetonians as their city is revealed to be the most congested in South Africa.
rooibos tea

Top 5 Rooibos Benefits for athletes

Drinking Rooibos tea won’t turn you into a super-human endurance athlete, but it has been shown to have performance-boosting benefits when consumed before, during or after a run/race.
kendall jenner body

Kendall Jenner Makes Major Fitness Confession

Kendall Jenner hasn't exercised for four months!
Bicycle Donation Drive

Viva Gym Launches Bicycle Donation Drive

“Give man money and he will have a lift for a day, give man a bicycle and he will have a lift for a lifetime.”
kissing facts

10 Fun Facts About Kissing

It’s a strange phenomenon when you consider the mechanics — putting your mouth on another human’s mouth, touching tongues, swapping spit. This strange act, when done properly, can make life worth living.

5 Ways The System Traps You

The System is one of those concepts like they… everyone kind of has an idea of what it is, but it’s vague and no one can actually define it.
abusive relationships

5 Ways An Abusive Relationship Changes You

The worst thing about being in an abusive relationship with a bully, abuser or narcissist is the long-term damage it does to your self-esteem – the way it changes how you feel about, see and interact with the world.
abusive relationships

5 Ways Used To Break Down Your Self Esteem In Abusive Relationships

Maybe it’s a result of the greed and ego focus of the world we live in, but many of us are, or have been in relationships with narcissists and psychopaths.
porn sex

5 Ways Watching Porn Makes You Dislike Sex

As anyone who has ever dealt with a pornography addiction will know, people who are addicted to porn would much rather watch porn than have sex.
sanlam cape town marathon

Entries Open For Sanlam Cape Town Marathon

Are you brave enough to enter this year's Sanlam Cape Town Marathon?
khloe kardashian fitness

Khloe Kardashian: Exercise Is My Emotional Release

Khloe Kardashian works out to "release" her emotions.

Finding The Comfort Within Every Discomfort

The current economic crisis is forcing South Africans out of their comfort zones, and this is also a blessing in disguise.
period leave

UK firm to offer women ‘period leave’

A British company is preparing to create a 'period policy' that will allow women time off work during their monthly cycle.
condom usage

Making Condoms Fun

Condoms are used to prevent nasty things, and people generally don’t like to think about nasty things, especially when they pertain to the most intimate act man can perform.
maestra judith

Move over 50 Shades, Maestra is coming

A sexy novel by a historian is being touted as the thinking woman's Fifty Shades. Jan Moir is not so sure.

FitKey – Unlimited Fitness Classes

FitKey is the latest fitness app which is taking SA by storm!
tom tom spark runner

TomTom Spark GPS Fitness Watch

The TomTom Spark GPS Fitness watch has arrived and it is every sport enthusiast's dream.

SA Is On Full Alert For Zika

The local Aedes mosquito does not contribute to the spread of the Zika virus, the Health Department announced.

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