how to lose weight

How To Lose Weight – Don’t Eat After Eight

Regularly eating after 8pm leads us to pile on the kilos, research suggests.

chrissy teigen

Chrissy Teigen: I Feel Like A Cow

Chrissy Teigen has admitted breastfeeding her newborn daughter has made her feel like a cow.

winter fitness gym

How To Lose Weight This Winter

Here are 5 easy ways on how to lose weight and stay healthy this winter.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Brutal Diet

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has found her new diet "brutal".

supermodel vogue williams

Supermodel Eats Two Pizzas On A Cheat Day

Vogue William's would eat two pizzas on a cheat day and believe that diets are for the birds.


Essential Phospholipids Are Vital For Cell And Liver Health

Essential phospholipids are the building blocks of every cell in your body, forming many of the intricate structures inside cells and the protective membranes around them.

blue ribbon

The Carbs You Should Be Eating

So many eating plans tell us to remove carbs from our diet, but Blue Ribbon has a compiled a list of carbs that you should be keeping.


Banting Stir Fry Now Available

McCain introduced its newest stir fry product, a limited edition Banting Stir Fry.

sugary drinks

Sugary Drinks At School And Healthy Alternatives

About 2 in 3 learners buy sugary drinks at least twice a week, with each soft drink containing up to 55g of sugar.


Mirror, Mirror, Is This Cake Unhealthy?

A new study has found that watching yourself eat something unhealthy like cake, can make that food seem less tasty.

Ditch the diet

Ditch The Diet & Eat Smart This Summer

The secrets to a glowing skin, an ideal body weight and abounding energy is all about living a life full of abundance and health!


5 Tips On How To Get Your Body Fit For The Festive Season

Woman Online Magazine recently spoke to Pharmacist Brent Murphy about tips on how to keep fit for the Festive season.


Does Red Meat Cause Cancer?

Does red meat cause cancer: Making sense of the the evidence.

What Is Orthorexia?

When does 'eating clean' become an eating disorder? That was the headline on a little-researched, still-disputed medical condition known as "orthorexia.”

How To Stay Healthy When Travelling

Travelling can be fun and exciting (when you get to your destination), but airports and airplanes can make it super hard to stay healthy and on track with your exercise schedule.

Does Bacon Causes Cancer?

Does bacon causes cancer? Here's what experts have to say about what this new warning means for your diet...

Surprising Causes of Weight Gain

We all know that eating right and exercising are the keys to keeping excess pounds off…but there are other surprising factors that can also have an effect on your weight!

How Dieting Can Actually Make You Gain Weight

As a rule - I don't like diets. They are highly ineffective for long-term weight loss, yet one in four people start a new diet every year.


Rooibos Packs mighty Punch against Heart Disease

Already considered one of the most powerful superfoods on the market today, Rooibos tea’s antioxidant army also packs a protective punch against heart disease, research shows.

Avoid Diet Derailment While Travelling

It’s a challenge sticking to a nutritional plan when you are a traveler.

9 Healthy Tips to Surviving Braai Day while on Diet!

Heritage day is on Thursday and summer braai season is here!


Healthy Heart Tips To For Mental And Emotional Health

The Heart and Stroke Foundation SA suggests adding 30 minutes of physical activity to your weekly schedule can have a substantial effect on your mental and emotional health.

Soda Drinks Are The Most Consumed Beverage In South Africa Today!

There is nothing nicer than cracking open refreshing cold soda drinks when we feel we need it the most!


When is the Worst Time to Eat?

Scientists are getting closer to understanding why people indulge after dark and to determining whether those nighttime calories wreak more havoc than ones consumed earlier in the day.

Get in shape for Spring!

Having a healthy appetite is good, but an unnecessary increase in appetite can be problematic when it comes to getting that bikini on in time for summer!


Healthy Food To Boost Your Mood

Can eating healthy food really add a spike to our happy hormones? Health Expert Bernadette Campbell explains.


10 Amazing Benefits Of Eating Pineapple

Pineapples aren’t just for poolside cocktails…they have phenomenal generative properties for the entire body so this little fruit is worth stocking up on!


Quaker Oats Available in South Africa

South African oat lovers are in for a breakfast treat with the launch of new Quaker Oats Heaps of Fruit.

low carb

The Low-Down On Low-Carb Diets

Get a brief look at three of the most popular low-carb eating plans and the foods they recommend.

Get Rich In Vitamins With BetterYou’s B12 Boost

BetterYou’s B12 Boost oral spray provides a daily dose of Vitamin B12, which is important for a healthy nervous system and brain development.

Munching Mongoose

Eat fresh with the Munching Mongoose

The Munching Mongoose offers fresh, healthy and unique food and delivers it right to your door.


Top 9 Anti Ageing Foods

While there is no magic bullet to prevent ageing, a healthy lifestyle can help stall some of the visible signs and improve your skin condition.


Fasting Tips For Diabetics

Fasting is a relatively common practice for religious or health reasons but can be risky for diabetics in particular, if not managed correctly.


Butter VS Margarine

As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists.

Is Constipation Making You A Toxic Waste Dump?

Dietary fibre plays a major role in the digestive system and body as a whole. It is important to get the right amount of fibre to ensure that everything works efficiently.


How To Get Pregnant By Following A Healthy Diet

Numerous studies have shown that specific changes to the diet can increase the chances of healthy o...


Eating Healthy Food On A Budget

Healthy eating on a budget! We all want to enjoy a healthy food diet, but if sometimes feels that it is simply not affordable.


15 Big Lies: Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Do you want to lose weight fast? Stop telling yourself the following lies over and over again.


Healthy Snacks For Pregnant Moms

If you have just found out about the exciting news that you are pregnant, enjoy these guilt-free snack ideas to ease away the nibbles for the next 9 months.

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