kissing facts

10 Fun Facts About Kissing

It’s a strange phenomenon when you consider the mechanics — putting your mouth on another human’s mouth, touching tongues, swapping spit. This strange act, when done properly, can make life worth living.

porn sex

5 Ways Watching Porn Makes You Dislike Sex

As anyone who has ever dealt with a pornography addiction will know, people who are addicted to porn would much rather watch porn than have sex.

condom usage

Making Condoms Fun

Condoms are used to prevent nasty things, and people generally don’t like to think about nasty things, especially when they pertain to the most intimate act man can perform.

maestra judith

Move over 50 Shades, Maestra is coming

A sexy novel by a historian is being touted as the thinking woman's Fifty Shades. Jan Moir is not so sure.

sex intelligence

Have Sex, Keep Your Mind Sharp

People aged over 50 who are still active in the bedroom have sharper cognitive function, a study found.


Let’s Talk About Sexercize

Sexercise is not only good for shaping up or slimming down, but it can also add spice to your sex life.

bikini waxing

Grooming Or No Grooming

Hair, make-up, waxing, manicures, pedicures, how far should you're grooming go?

Sexual predators

Sexual Predators – What They Say And Do And How To Respond

If you’re not actually raped, it can be really confusing sometimes to distinguish what sexual predation is and what it looks like – we’re also often not sure how to respond.


Spank You Very Much!

Believe it or not, spanking is not something that is reserved for freaks and sexual deviants. In fact, it’s very main stream.

How to make a woman squirt

How To Make a Woman Squirt

A step-by-step technique that can bring a woman to multiple orgasms and squirting.

sexual jargon

How To Understand Sexual Jargon

With an ever-expanding awareness of sex and sexuality growing around us, what do sexual jargon terms like asexual, demisexual, sapiosexual and kink actually mean?


How To Give a Great Blowjob

What are the tips you need to know when you want to give a great blowjob to your man?

Dirty Talk

Dirty Talk: The Only Toy You Need For Great Sex

If you know how to do it right, and you get a little practice, then dirty talk is truly the only to...


How To Intensify Your Orgasms

3 simple techniques you can use to intensify your orgasms with your partner!


Tips for Sexual Roleplay

French maids, police women, nurses… These are some of the more common fantasies that are used in role playing games. The reason being is that they are fairly easy to act out.

8 Tips on All-day Foreplay

Ladies, the title of this article may say excite your man, but in actual fact, it is really for both of you. A little more for you than him.

How housework can lead to more sex

According to a new study, if household chores are fairly divided between men and women who’re part of a couple, this leads to a better sex life.

Blow Him Away!

Delivering a good blow-job isn’t easy, so adding edge to your technique requires smart thinking.

Be Careful of That Tinder Hook-up

Hugely popular dating apps are making it easier for syphilis, gonorrhoea and other STDs to spread, say experts.

8 Awkward Things We Have All Experienced During Sex

Sex can be very good, but because our body is quite a delicate place there are some things that can go wrong during sex.

Sex! – Just to Do it!

In our modern lifestyles we’re all running around with our busy schedules, and the sad reality is that a lot of us don’t ever take the time to indulge our sexual needs.

A Woman’s Phone is For … Porn?

One in three young women regularly view porn, with many watching it on their smartphone, a survey shows.


10 Things every Women should know about Men’s Sexuality

Freud called female sexuality "the dark continent"; if that's true, male sexuality could qualify as the dark planet. But when it comes to sex, guys are simple, right? Not true.

Eat Your Way To a Naughtier Sex Life

Are you bored in bed? Is your love life seriously lacking some scintillating spice?

5 Things You Should Do During Sex

Your partner likes it when you take over control in bed and doggy style is his favorite position. Everyone knows that. But did you know the following 5 things will drive him totally wild during sex?


4 Important Rules for a Friends with Benefits Relationship

No one really seems to know what boundaries to set or if they can even set boundaries when it comes to a friends with benefits relationship.

When Sex Makes You Sad

A good sex life is meant to make you happy. But nearly half of women find themselves feeling sad or tearful after making love, a study claims.

10 Things You Shouldn’t Think Of During Sex

Everyone has completely inappropriate thoughts during sex – here are 10 of them from inside our wondering minds!

Short Men Really Do Lose Out

Men who are petite of stature have fewer sexual partners than taller men, a study has found.


UK Women Twice As Likely To Be Bisexual

Women are more than twice as likely as men to be bisexual, a British survey has found.

5 Tips to Make Period Sex the Hottest Sex!

Your period can do many things: ruin your underwear, inspire works of art, and…boost your sex life? Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

How I Found Out My Husband Is Gay

When I promised to be with him “for better or for worse,” I never could have predicted this life-changing turn of events.


15 Exercises to Improve Your Sex Life

You’re only one workout away from a better sex life!

‘I Worry About How Little Sex We Have’

Rowan warns a woman against making excessive emotional and physical demands on her relationship.

‘He Compares Me To His Exes In Bed’

Rowan Pelling tells a woman to start talking to her new man about the love gods she has dated in the past.

Meet India’s Sex expert – Age 91

A Mumbai gynaecologist with a tabloid newspaper sex advice column has now released a book.

Insomnia Prompts Depression, Weight Gain & Impacts On Sex Life

Insomnia affects up to 40 percent of South Africans, contributing to depression, weight gain and negatively impacting on some couples’ sex lives.


Burning Sex Question! My Husband Cheated On Me, Can I Cheat Too?

Rowan Pelling tells a resentful woman that the revenge affair path is a precarious one.

sex live

Allergic To Sex?

About one in 10 women may suffer from an allergy to semen - and it can wreck their sex lives.

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