Living Organic
Olive Oil

Neat Tricks On What To Do With Olive Oil

Not only is olive oil ecologically friendly and cost effective this handy little oil can serve a variety of needs.

10 Ways to Live a Green Urban Life

Do you live in the city but long for a bit of rural green in your life?

10 Ways to GREEN Your Pet

Life just wouldn’t be the same without our furry friends so treat them with love and affection and an eco-natural lifestyle.

How To Throw A Green Dinner Party

It’s that time of year were we love throwing fabulous parties and arrange the regular family get together – How about hosting your own Eco-friendly Green dinner party?

Go Green In October

Simple, Easy How to steps to join the eco-tribe!


Just Use The Dishwasher And Save Water

A diverse group of experts says that rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher is a big waste of water.

Garden Design

5 Tips To Help With Your Garden Design

How can you increase the value of your property this weekend? The key is to discover the five easy steps to successful design.


What To Do In Your Garden This April

Here's your gardening to-do list for April


The Wonderbag Gift

Wonderbag has come up with a fantastic practical gift for the fast approaching festive season that anyone would be thrilled to receive.


Save Water In Your Home

Water is scarce and we all have a part to play to conserve our resources and where better to start than in our own homes.


Global Warming in Cahoots with Increased “Cloud” Computing

Storing data online in the seemingly invisible “Cloud” has substantial consequences for the global warming.

Frankfurt Motor tech trends

Tech Trends point to electric cars @ Frankfurt Motor show

Frankfurt Motor show which is currently underway has revealed two tech trends that seem to be growing stronger every year-electric and hybrid cars.

Green building

Eco-friendly buildings

Peter Townshend, co-founder and Managing Director of Know More, a workplace intelligence company, provides insight into the developments and current trends around green or ‘eco-friendly’ buildings – both locally and inter...

LG greener appliances

Tips on how to “greenify” your home appliances

Home appliances add a substantial amount to your energy usage costs.Replacing them with newer, more energy efficient models can save you a chunk of money annually, says LG.

paper recycling

The in’s & out’s of paper recycling in SA

The latest statistics from the Paper Recycling Association of South Africa (PRASA) show that 73,674 tonnes more paper was collected in 2012, up from 1,077,641 tonnes in 2011. The 1,151,315 tonnes recovered in 2012 equates to 57...

greenOffice directors Wayne Fyvie and Warren Valentine

greenOffice creates greener offices

greenOffice is a proudly South African company that specialises in complete document solutions for the office.By encouraging South Africans to recycle and ‘go green’.


Share your garden & gain memories

Most gardeners have a generous streak and gladly share bits and pieces from their gardens with others. Not for them the dubious delight of being the only one to own a particular plant in isolation.

a green house

Building a “green” house

Jane Troughton and Greg Courtney plan to build a green house in upper Durban North. They want to harness solar power, use recycled material where they can and build a chemical-free swimming pool.


Casino chooses not to gamble with the environment

The casino built a worm farm to deal with the waste, they then established a 5 000 m2 indigenous nursery, vegetable and herb garden, all nourished by the worm compost.


Checkers introduces 100% recycled plastic shopping bags

This month the Checkers chain of supermarkets will make a positive impact on the environment by becoming the first national retailer to offer a plastic shopping bag made completely from recycled plastic.


Selling your home? Go green to up its value

Are you putting your home on the market? Adding a few small eco-friendly DIY touches to your home could make a big impact on its value and give you the advantage over the competition.

save electricity

Electricity Saving Tips – for Every Budget

Being environmentally conscious should be an everyday occurrence and habit. This can begin with applying some of this energy saving tips in your home and office.

Going Green

Misconceptions about going green

Don't let ignorance cause a paper jam. Going Green has become a world-wide phenomenon, however there are many misconceptions that surround this.

Spindel less electricity

Green Laundry Dryer

More and more households and businesses are seeking energy efficient alternatives to reduce electricity costs. Spindel offers a new laundry drying alternative, with electricity saving benefits.


Hot water vs Cold water usage

Households and businesses use the hot water tap for a variety of reasons such as washing hands, dishes, filling pots and kettles. Gavin Fosker, Brand Development Manager, from Mr Power offers this advice on when to and when not...

grand west ice rink

Grand West Recylces Ice Rink Water

Grand West has introduced environmentally friendly initiatives on the complex including recycling the 3 000 litres of water generated at the ice rink each day.

big green braai

The Braai of the Future is here!

At last, the world’s most versatile braai has arrived in South Africa! The Big Green Egg® makes staying in more fun than going out! Is it a grill, an oven or a smoker?

American Shutters

Shutters: natural & sustainable window finishes

Shutters are ideal window and door finishes to optimise an architectural cross-ventilation cooling strategy in which the size and position of windows and doors are designed to ensure that the predominant breeze passes through t...

why familys should recycle

Why households should recycle

Paper recycling rates in South Africa increased to nearly 60% in 2011. This equates to the annual recovery of over a million tonnes of paper. Despite increased awareness, large amounts of paper and board packaging are still dum...

tips for recycling

Top Tips for Recycling

Here are some top tips from the Paper Recycling Association of South Africa to get you started with your recycling efforts.

recycling paper

Recycle paper for a new lease in your life

Paper can be recycled up to seven times. Some virgin or new wood fibre is required to make recycled paper possible in the first place and is always needed to keep the global fibre cycle going.


Mini Solar Power System

We have all experienced being in darkness at night, whether it’s unexpectedly due to a power failure or by choice on a camping or bush trip. Now we can enjoy light and power, when its dark with Mr Power's Mini Solar System.

natural cleaning products

Natural Cleaning Products

Dr Brenda Moodley, who has a PhD in chemistry and interests in analytical environmental chemistry as well as natural products chemistry, said replacing toxic cleaners in the home was easy and cost-effective.


Industrial palm oil in Africa & the cost of forests

Industrial scale palm oil plantation is rapidly expanding in Africa. After a first expansion of palm oil in West Africa, major palm oil companies are now investing in Central Africa, in Cameroon in particular.

solar panels

Solar Power Energy

There are many costs associated with “green” homes – both in retrofitting applications and initial design and construction. However, when you go green you reap the benefits over time, directly and indirectly.

eco friendly house

Steps to a Greener home

If we had the money, most of us would love to knock down our draughty, poor insulated homes and commission a new, more eco-friendly, one. But then again, that wouldn't be very sustainable.

land grab for logging

Papua New Guinea: Millions of hectares of land stolen for logging

A massive land grab has occurred in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the impact on communities across the country has been devastating. Greenpeace has produced a new report that details the extent of the damage.

solar power in DRC

DRC launches Solar-power radio

Today Greenpeace launched Africa's first solar-powered radio station in Oshwe, in the DRC. Hundreds of community members and leaders came out to witness the event. Authorities applauded efforts to increase this remote community...


Overfishing our Oceans: Facts

Over-fishing is emptying the seas faster than nature can replenish them, threatening the food security of hundreds of millions of people. Over 87% of the ocean’s fish stocks are now fully-exploited, over-exploited, depleted o...

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