Love and Dating
how to meet quality men

How To Meet Quality Men

You’re single, independent, career oriented with an eventful social life. By most standards you live a full life. However, where have all the decent guys disappeared to?

build lasting relationship

How To Build a Lasting Relationship

While people generally strive towards building and maintaining a lasting relationship with the person of their dreams, all too often the relationship turns sour.

friend zone

How To Turn Your Friendship Into A Relationship

To begin with stop thinking like a 'just a friend' and get ready to take control of the situation and turn your friendship into a relationship.

valentine's day

What Do Single People Do Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day for most happy couples consists of flowers, chocolate & spending intimate time with your partner.

unhappy relationship

10 Reason’s You’re Unhappy In Your Relationship

No one wants to take responsibility for being the person that is at fault in the relationship – everything must be outside of them so that it can be fixed without their involvement or effort.

Why Are Criticism And Feedback so Hard to Take?

Hearing negative feedback about yourself seems to hit hard, and can shatter the way you thought things worked in an instant.


How to Check if Your Spouse is on Ashley Madison

People wanting to know whether their partners are on infidelity website Ashley Madison may now have a chance to do so thanks to several online tools springing up.


My boyfriend teases me about sex pics

A month ago, my boyfriend and I got very drunk and he started taking sex pictures pictures of me while we were having sex.

Ashley Madison

How Secure is Ashley Madison’s Data? [Video]

Randi Kaye breaks down the treat of exposure for millions of people who use the popular "hook up" web site.

Mr. Right

Mr. Right vs. Mr. Right Now

We’ve all been through that dating experience… you meet Mr. Right, everything is going perfectly and then bam!

Marriage Contract

How to Tackle the Ante Nuptial Contract

Planning a wedding with stars in your eyes leaves little room to contemplate the financial conseque...


Strange Wedding Traditions From Around The World

Each country has its own wedding traditions. We will share the most crazy ones all around the world with you.


Happily ever after at Disney World

Disney is the most romantic place to propose in the world.


How To Tackle Relationship Dealbreakers

It happens: once the honeymoon period starts to fade, relationship niggles start to creep in. Before you know it you’re asking yourself, Is this guy worth it?


Erotic Sexual Tease & Denial

Erotic Sexual Denial or Tease & Denial is anticipation taken onto a whole new level, and an effective way to make sure that someone is kept constantly wanting you sexually.


Do You Still Want to be Married?

You and your partner changed and seem to want totally different things - let's be candid and take a long cool look at whether or not you still want to be married.


Moving in Together

What to consider before moving in together


What do you want from a Relationship?

The key to a successful relationship is to first figure out what you want - if only to make the search that much easier.


Long Distance Relationship – Using Technology to Bridge the Divide

Let’s not kid ourselves, any relationship goes hand in hand with more than the average share of challenges.


Long Distance Relationship – Is Your Love real?

There are more long distance relationships now than ever as people cast their nets wider looking for what they just can’t find on their doorstep.


Long Distance Relationship – Maintaining the Bond

Whatever the reason, being in a long distance relationship is in no way easy.


Are You chasing Unicorns?

In the world of dating – especially online dating – the unicorn is the ultimate prize


Do looks, age and financial status matter?

Whether or not your partner’s age and appearance make a difference will really depend on who you are, where you are in your life and what you want for your future.


Looking for the perfect man?

Evolutionary psychologists explain that heterosexual men generally rely heavily on visual cues to find their perfect partner.

Valentines Day Relationship Advice

Valentines Day: Top Ten Relationship Myths Valentine’s Day can be a great reminder for us to stop for at least one moment each year and reflect on the deep love and appreciation we have for that special someone in our life. reveals married couples seek sex with ex

Married couples across the country are getting ready to spend time with their…ex? A shocking survey from sheds light on the new trend of “sex with your ex”.

Erex for Woman Arousal Drops

Erex supplements helps to arouse womens’ libido

Erex for Women has designed a range of arousal and sexual desire supplements specially formulated for women, who want to heighten sensation, improve libiod and enjoy a more satisfied life.

holiday romance

Henry Cavill is most wanted holiday romance

Man of Steel star Henry Cavill has been named the celebrity women would most like to have a holiday romance with.

seperating from a strong man

Getting over a strong man

Unfortunately due to ups and downs of love the 'forever union' can never be guaranteed. Most women lose themselves, even their lives after they are disconnected from the strong man in their lives.


The State of Cheating in South Africa reveals startling figures after analyzing cheating South Africans for a year.


Cougar Crazy: Study reveals Cougars’ secrets to attracting young guys

Cougars are the hot new thing and thousands of young South African men are choosing them over girls their own age!

after the wedding

After The Wedding – Planning for Married Life

Starting out your married life should be one of the most exciting stages in your life. However, marriage does introduce changes in a couple’s financial situation that may put a strain on the relationship.

Dr Eve sexual health store

The Dr Eve Sexual Health Store

From adult movies, books and condoms to penile enhancers, vibrators and vaginal moisturisers, the newly launched Dr Eve Sexual Health Store stocks it all.

Valentine's Day Pressure

Feeling the Valentine’s Day Pressure?

While the intention of this day of love is to celebrate romance with chocolates and flowers, it can also put a spotlight on all the things you perceive as out of order in your relationship.

wedding photographer

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is your big day and only happens once (hopefully). Here are some tips and advice on choosing the best wedding photographer for you special day.

ex behaviour

The Ex Boyfriend

There’s no knowing how a man will react after you break up with him. So, what does your ex’s behavior say about him?


Brides In All Shapes and Sizes

They say brides come in all shapes and sizes? I say each bride falls into their own category along with their own little definition. Here are the most popular types of brides ever!

monster in law

Monster-in-law or Mother-in-law?

Remember the movie “Monster-in-law”? I told my dad that I NEVER want a mother in law like that...

dodging your ex

Googling your Ex & he’s a mess!

Nothing like Googling an ex-boyfriend and his arrest warrant/mugshot comes up. It just goes to show that sometimes rejection turns out to be God's protection.

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