Raspberry and lemon cordial

For the perfect Christmas gift or summer cool down drink try this refreshing, alcohol-free raspberry and lemon cordial.

Healthy Smoothies!

I am sure many of us LOVE smoothies and use them as a go-to snack or meal when we need something quick and easy.

How to Make a Banana Choc-Nut Breakfast Smoothie

This breakfast smoothie is filling and packed with goodies! The wheatgerm is full vitamins and fibre, while the nuts add texture and healthy fats, which will keep blood sugar spikes at bay!

Fruit Infused Water

Being properly hydrated will let your body function at it's best, you won't feel as tired or lethargic and even hunger may be subsided.


Scheckter’s Organic Launches Green Iced Teas

Scheckter's Organic Beverages are thrilled to announce the addition of Scheckter’s Organic Energy Mint Green Tea and Ginger Green Tea to its Organic Energy Drink range.


Fresh Summer Smoothie

This smoothie is your quick and easy start into a sunny day!


ZARI – A New Alternative For Non-Drinkers

ZARI is the perfect drink when alcohol is not an option, especially for health or religious reasons.


Berry Smoothie

This berry smoothie recipe will keep you cool on those hot summer days.


Vigo Non-alcoholic Cooler

Vigo is the perfect premium malt based non-alcoholic cooler for those hot summer days and nights.


Appletiser Colours

Get ready for an explosion of taste and colour this spring/summer with the arrival of Appletiser Colours.


Peach And Lemon Iced Tea

Cool off with this refreshing peach and lemon iced tea recipe.

Baobab and Mango smoothie

Baobab & Mango Smoothie

Baobab is a superfruit, excellent antioxidant and combined with Mango it makes a wonderful smoothie that kids love.


Sweet Corn and Milk Drink (Atol de Elote)

This version of the classic Central American sweet and silky-smooth milk based beverage is based on a recipe from Maria Franco, and will have you drinking away your winter blues.


Chocolate & Banana Smoothie

Satisfy your chocolate craving with this Chocolate & Banana smoothie.

Pina Colada

Non-Alcoholic Pina Colada Slush

With this non-alcoholic Pina Colada slush you can still enjoy a party with a drink in hand.

J.C. Le Roux

J.C. Le Roux treats Non-drinkers to Indulgent Non-alcoholic pairing

Now everyone can indulge in Le Good Life at The House of J.C. Le Roux in Stellenbosch with a brand new pairing of Non-Alcoholic La Fleurette, and Le Domaine with mouth-watering sweet delights.


Strawberry Smoothie

This effortless strawberry smoothie recipe will leave you with more time to laze about.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio

Introducing NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto

Leading coffee brand, NESCAFÉ has recently launched the easy-to-use capsule system, Dolce Gusto, which provides coffee-shop quality beverages at the push of a button.


evian Natural Mineral Water

evian® Natural Mineral Water continues its celebration of youth and purity with the release of the latest addition to its limited edition bottle collection by iconic American designer, Diane von Furstenberg.

Ice tea recipes

Summer Bliss Ice Tea

We're still experiencing hot summer days here in Cape Town. This led on a pursuit of the ultimate thirst quencher …. Hmmmm ice cold …. Ice Tea.

YSWARA - African Teas

YSWARA – Luxury African Teas

YSWARA, a unique gourmet tea company, is the first of its kind to introduce a curated experience of fine African teas.

JC Le Roux Le Domaine Non-Alcoholic

J.C Le Roux: Non-alcoholic sparkling wine

The new non-alcoholic sparkling white from J.C. Le Roux is just in time for summer, Le Domaine Non-Alcoholic offers a taste of pure bubbly delight.

Evian Water Courreges Limited edition

Evian Water Limited edition Courreges Bottle

Live Young and Celebrate with the Evian® Courrèges Limited Edition bottle. When a French icon of couture renowned for unconventional creativity meets the world’s best brand of mineral water, the result can only be vibrant, ...

raspberry rose and vanilla tea

Raspberry, Rose & Vanilla Iced Tea

This fruit herb-infused iced tea recipe with Raspberries, Roses and Vanilla is a 'pitcher-perfect' thirst quencher. Method Place tea bags in a heatproof jug. Add boiling water. Set aside for 5

spiced hot chocolate

Spiced Hot Chocolate

A delectable and warming cup of spicy hot chocolate, perfect to enjoy on a winters night. Serve immediately after making and enjoy the fragrance of the warm spicy flavours.

lime and mint sodas

Lime & Mint Drink

Impress your friends with these classic Mexican lime and mint sodas that are huge on flavour and light on the budget!

Lemon Grass cordial

Lemongrass Cordial

Prized for its complex fragrance, lemon grass adds a subtle flavour when you want just the slightest hint of citrus. This sweet thirst-quenching cordial captures the earthy, fragrant flavour of lemon grass.

pear and cinnamon drink

Warm Pear & Cinnamon Drink

This spicy warm pear and cinnamon drink can be made for any occasional. The star anise and cinnamon spices are perfect partners for the sweet flavours of the pears.

peppermint and ginger drink

Peppermint, Ginger & Soda Drink

Add Frozen Berry Ice cubes to this deliciously refreshing drink of peppermint, ginger and soda to make it extra special!

pretty pink drink

Pretty Pink Drink

Both little and big girls can enjoy this pretty pink summer drink! Sit back and enjoy any time of the day or night!

hot spicy cider

Hot Spicy Apple Cider

A cup of warm apple cider is a great winter warmer. It can be served chilled in summer too!

Apple banana and cranberry punch

Apple, Banana & Cranberry Punch

Get the party started with a non alcoholic punch bursting with the fruity flavours of Apple, Banana and Cranberry.

lime and ginger fizz

Lime & Ginger Fizz

Celebrate the end of school with this refreshing graduation drink that still caters for kids and adults alike.

apple mint and grape punch

Apple, Mint & Grape Punch

Kick start your summer celebrations with a non alcoholic punch packed with the fresh fruity flavours of Apple, Mint and Grape.

strawberry mocktails

Strawberry Mocktails

Strawberry Mocktails (virgin cocktails) are great for kids birthday parties and adults who do not drink alcohol but still want to enjoy a fabulous tasting cocktail.

Virgin Mary

Virgin Bloody Mary

Quench your thirst with a glowing glass of this soft and soothing classic tomato cocktail - Bloody Mary

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