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khloe kardashian

Khloé Kardashian Lost Work Because of Her Weight

Khloé Kardashian says she was once told by stylists that she was too fat for them to work with. T...

how to lose weight

How To Lose Weight – Don’t Eat After Eight

Regularly eating after 8pm leads us to pile on the kilos, research suggests.

weight loss mistakes

5 Stupid Weight Loss Mistakes

Jennifer Van Allen looks at some ways to avoid sabotaging your weight-loss goals. Here are the top 5 common weight loss mistakes and how to avoid them.


Win weight-loss products from SOLAL worth R765

Woman Online Magazine and SOLAL are giving away 3 slimming products to the value of R765.


How yoga can help you lose weight

Experts explain how yoga can make you healthier - and a guide to which kind you should do.

low carb

The Low-Down On Low-Carb Diets

Get a brief look at three of the most popular low-carb eating plans and the foods they recommend.


How To Lose Weight This Winter

It might seem a little premature to be talking about summer bodies in June, but what you do (or don’t do) over the next two to three months will determine how you look come bikini season

Is Constipation Making You A Toxic Waste Dump?

Dietary fibre plays a major role in the digestive system and body as a whole. It is important to get the right amount of fibre to ensure that everything works efficiently.

Fitness Review: Virgin Active Super Circuit

Fitness review! We got our fitness on at Virgin Active trying out their Super(woman) Circuit Class.


5 Weight Loss Tips to Survive Easter Weekend

Its Easter time and this makes staying healthy a bit of a mission! The temptation is everywhere! There are enough hot cross buns, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and chocolate bars around to send you into diabetic shock!


Kanye West Thinks Kim Kardashian Is Too Fat

Kanye West went crazy at Kim Kardashian West's personal trainer because she couldn't imagine the star 15lbs lighter.


Best ways to lose weight – stop the excuses!

This month I am taking a look at the serious epidemic flooding our globe… OBESITY. The dreaded wo...

Fat Burners

5 Reasons To Stop Fat Burners Right Now

Research has shown that fat burners can speed up weight loss, but they can also sometimes have harmful side effects.

Weight Loss Equals Stronger Heart

It’s never too late to lose weight because doing so improves the health of your heart


Five Weight Loss Myths Busted

Believing common weight loss myths lead to making wrong choices to reach your goals. Below we bust them for good, and replace them with facts to help keep the pounds off.


Is running a good choice or not?

Time to discuss the pros and cons of running, and whether it is the best addition to any exercise programme.

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